Alexander Mc Queen Tribute

[Lee] Alexander McQueen: Le genie qui ne sera jamais oublie!

This is a post that I previously wrote on my first fashion blog, and that I couldn’t let go of while creating my new blog. I wrote this post last year on the 11th of June, 2010. And because my attachment to this great designer, I thought that he deserves a page all to himself. I really do hope that everyone enjoys this page, as last year I poured my heart out while writing and researching for it. 

I looked up to him because of the significance of his designs. Each collection that I ever saw had something powerful, dramatic and fantastical to tell. He connected art with fashion, his collections were all individualistic yet at the same time represented him and his style completely.
His death though it shocked me… it didn’t surprise me to the least. Because he was truly genius… a man that didn’t find his place in the world because he viewed everything completely different. His label was the only way he could express his thoughts, and show everybody who he truly was. His label was his identity.

I will never forget the patterns he created, the fantasia Summer collection of 2010… the patterns not only impressed me but confirmed my beliefs about him.
I don’t have enough words to describe how much he has influenced me, truly.

About McQueen…

Lee Alexander McQueen was born on the 17th of March 1969 in London, the youngest of six children . The son of an English taxi driver and a science teacher. He started making dresses for his sisters and always dreamed of becoming a designer. At the age of 16 he left school as to start being an apprentice for several tailors, earning a reputation early in his career for impeccable tailoring. At the age of 25 he returned to London and applied to Central Saint Martins Collage of Art. Earning a Masters Degree in Fashion Design, he was discovered and launched by Isabella Blow (worked for American Vogue and later on British Tatler). In 1996 he was appointed head designer at Givenchy where he had little to no success, working for the prestigious designer house until 2001. In 2000 he worked as Creative Director for Gucci, in the end selling his 51% of his shares and focusing on his own brand. McQueen was gay and married to George Forsyth and after their divorce he dated an Argentinian soccer player. He died this year, on Febuary 11th. He commited suicide (was found by his maid hanging in his wardrobe room).

Don’t Forget….

People have been over-focusing on the fact that McQueen was an extraordinary designer. And forgot the most important thing… his personality…. a true genius designer has to have an unusual and surreal character. Clearly the models that stated they knew him… truly didn’t, they were completely absorbed in only two things, his fame and clothes. When they talked about him, it seemed as though they were mourning moreover the fact that McQueen wouldn’t be able to design more fabulous clothes for them to wear. Fashion is a dirty business… and I don’t know how much I can stress this upon all of you.

The Interview…

George Forsyth talks to the press about his ex-husband… and the truth behind his luxurious fashion life

“ ‘The reality was that the scene was awash with cocaine and more. ‘Everyone did it,’ George says. ‘Models use heroin to stay thin for God’s sake. It was no secret.’

… ‘He was so intensely creative and interesting. Lee could talk about anything he was so artistic, he knew so much.’

…‘Issy Blow, who discovered him, was one. Annabelle, Shaun and Naomi were true, true friends too. But I’ve got no time for Kate Moss. To be honest, I found Kate rude – and Sadie Frost too. … ‘After Lee and I split up, I saw Kate in the street and shouted out to her.

‘She gave me a dirty look and just blanked me. This was my bridesmaid remember. It’s a shallow world. Ultimately I felt I wasn’t really part of it.

…Today George is thankful for that at least. ‘I got to know Lee McQueen, not Alexander all those years ago. Now everyone’s talking about Alexander McQueen the fashion genius. I want people to know that we lost Lee McQueen the person too, and he was just as special.’ ”
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The Memorable Collections…

S/S 1998 RTW collection: He brought the rain to the runway.


S/S 1999 RTW collection: Was called “The Human Canvas” , “The model stood in the center of a revolving platform and her dress was spray-painted,” explains Rubenstein. “It was spin art as fashion!”


A/W 2002 RTW collection: The fashion show took place in a famous jail called the “Conciergerie” where Marie Antoinette supposedly went to jail.


A/W 2003 RTW collection: He was inspired by a nomad’s journey into the tundra placing the models inside a torrential wind tunnels. “The models could hardly walk, yet the hand-painted silk and chiffon fabric that was billowing behind them was just completely breathtaking—some pieces stretched over 20 feet!” says Rubenstein. “You thought the models were going to blow away.”


S/S 2004 RTW collection: Re-enacting a dance scene from the movie ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ on the runway.


S/S 2005 collection: Positioning every single model on a chessboard piece, he unraveled his Edwardia-style collection in a timeless manner.


A/W 2005 collection: A collection inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s ingenious movies, especially the movie ‘Birds’ .


A/W 2006 RTW collection: “This beautiful ethereal collection climaxed with this holographic image of Kate Moss in a pyramid,” explains Rubenstein. “You had to be there, but you swore she was inside. It was one of the most haunting things I’ve ever seen.”


S/S 2007 RTW collection: Inspired by different historical figures.


S/S 2008 RTW collection: This amazing… incredible … astonishing “bird” theme collection was dedicated to a close friend and mentor of McQueen Isabella Blow, as a tribute to her(she committed suicide).


A/W 2008 collection: A tribute to Queen Elizabeth the Second after he was appointed by her ‘Commander of the British Order’.


A/W 2009 collection: “This happened after the economic collapse and it was McQueen’s way of saying we all have too much, want too much, do too much,” says Rubenstein. “The classic houndstooth check dress is completely over-the-top with the most extraordinary tailoring. A lot of the models wore trash bags on their heads.”


S/S 2010 collection: The collection was called “Plato’s Atlantis”. A combination of extraterrestrial wonder with animal life… the midpoint between nature and beyond.

The Last Collection Signed: Alexander Mc Queen…

This collection was influenced by multiple aspects of the Dark Ages (moreover the art of that era).

We will never forget someone who reinvented fashion, that brought fashion to the level that I wish I were capable of… For Alexander McQueen fashion was art, life and the hunger which he lived upon… it was everything… and ultimately more.