The Anthropology of Phsyco-Fashion

I’m not sure if the title that I have selected for this post clearly explains or encapsulates what will be discussed bellow.

Some of the people in the fashion industry lately have been attracted by this industry because of the fame, status and money it has to offer. Although I would be completely lying to you if I would say that those wouldn’t drive anyone into such an industry -but they shouldn’t be the key reasons as to why one should choose to work in fashion.

In any event I love this industry, I love it because of it constantly evolving and shifting from past to present to future. Everything and anything can be considered a source of inspiration -a drive that can then translate into what one wears. The diversity and capacity of the fashion industry is one of the most ever-growing that I have ever seen. It’s not just about the clothes, but about the jewelry, the hats, the gloves, the shoes and the bags too… together they create a symphony of individualism. You might see a person wearing the same thing as you, however it is highly unlikely that they are wearing it the same way as you are.

In my previous fashion blog a few years ago I wrote that I clearly believed that what one wears easily can translate into the type of person they are (to an extent), but you shouldn’t draw conclusions about someone just from that. Although clothes can make one understand or interpret how liberal, stiff, diverse and expressive a person is. Take for example- if you see someone who isn’t afraid of wearing anything out of the box that gives you a sense of free expressionism and liberal views that said person has.