The cat came after the mouse: thoughts on what fashion represents. & Photography Film

I guess that what mostly saddens me is that some people disassociate clothes with personality and rather associate them with trends. And as much as I love designer clothing, I hate all this talk about what is “IN”. It’s true, sometimes you might see me talking about trends, like any other. But I have quite different purposes as to why I refer to trends… I refer more to the designer and their latest collection – I love the collection not the trend line that the collection is categorized under.

In life like in fashion we categorize things, to make them seem easier to understand. However I think that the beauty of fashion lies in the fact that it isn’t supposed to be fully understood -it is supposed to be appreciated and personally interpreted.

The fashion industry is incredible…. diverse … people in the fashion industry are modern artifacts of living and breathing statues walking around in their best interpretation of themselves.

People underestimate the power of clothes… and the power of visual representation. I might see it all wrong, but beauty is just a vague cloud that can be interpreted in many ways -just like fashion. 

I hope you enjoy the collection of images posted bellow, and I hope that you will now understand the beauty of the individual …