Random post: thoughts & perceptions – a short psychological analysis

I think that the way we perceive things is due to a conscious choice we took -as to view them in that particular way. Our train of thought is a good example of the fact that nothing is stable… nothing is constant. We are scared of the unknown, yet inevitably curious about it. And that’s why I love life.

We tend to get scared out of usual things, and seem to think of unusual things as them being normal. Feelings are weathering, and notions are easily changed by the rapid growth of our knowledge and understanding of things.

Everything is in a transcendence… as each day we can grow wiser from our mistakes or from finally being able to not repeat the same mistakes.

So instead of always questioning the state of mind in which we are in, lets take a moment and enjoy it. Because after all, we are humans -and a break from it all is very much deserved by anyone.