The Riccardo Tisci effect : me loving Givenchy every season more and more.

          I was blown away beyond proportion while going through Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 2011 runway pictures.   There is no doubt about the fact that

           Riccardo Tisci’s stand as a Creative Designer hasn’t ‘weathered’, and yet has presented us once again an outstanding collection. A shift in theme has once again taken place, transitioning from the transparent origami dresses and blazers (that have been an ongoing pattern the past few seasons) –back to black. Yet his use of transparent organza silk is still apparent, underneath a heavy silk razor skirts (knee length). All pieces of each outfit work amazingly together, Tisci has also made it possible for them to look perfect on their own. All-in-all the use of black make the patterns stand out and makes each color seem more vibrant.

            A play with fetishes is also apparent, however it is made more discreet through the layering of clothes. However Tisci remains provocative as he uses Bettie Page as his muse for this collection. Bettie Page was an American model in the 1950’s, and was known for her fetish modeling. He contrasts the nude pictures of her (by censoring the nipples) with purple orchid frames and other such flowers, softening the crude nudity of the sweaters.  For a couple of seasons Tisci has been softening the Givenchy girl’s look.

            I chose this collection because it is one of my favorites this season. It is no secret that I have a weakness for Tisci’s Givenchy and black apparel (or for silk, to be completely honest).