My Closet: golden buttons and feather vest for autumn’s sake.

The loose silk shirt underneath is actually edited by me, it used to have a collar (but I cut it off), and I sewed some vintage Yves Saint Laurent buttons that my mom had from one of her old YSL Blazers. And the feather vest was actually a miracle, I bought it from Zara and I still can’t believe that they designed something so exclusive really. I combined those two, because even though I’m not a fan of color-coordinating my clothes -it really looks timeless. Plus I love the whole glamor vibe of it. It’s simply elegant and comfortable…. both of the items are big so they lay loose on the body. It’s a silk and feather party really. I have worn this outfit once (and I won’t wear it again in the same combination) and I wore it with tight black pants (that have leather detail) and some white minimalistic leather wedges.

Anyways I guess I still love the combination….. and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.