How Miu Miu shoes these days remind me of…

The Wizard of OZ

Let me begin with talking about Miuccia Prada, Miu Miu’s [and of course Prada’s] Creative Director. Miuccia Prada always makes the most bizarre combination of time periods and cultural references. For Prada this season she took a faux-fish-scale coat and added a fur collar, she takes plastic dangling (chandelier-like) crystals and wires them together into a vest…. there are no boundaries she won’t break or limits to her imagination. And although Miu Miu is a much more restrained line that focuses on repetitive garment patterns in each collection and elegant, she still manages to keep it fresh and new every single season.

So of course, imagine my utter shock and thrill when I saw runway close-up pictures of the new shoes (a while back). The only thing that I could link all of those shoes to, was mainly to one of the characters from the Wizard of OZ. Dorothy Gale’s ruby slippers have a striking similitude to Miu Miu’s glitter high-heels. It’s like Miuccia Prada looked at them and modified them for the 21st century women.

Now I personally like these shoes because they are so out of the box, and because you can select from a variety of different models and colors. In one of my previous posts I did refer to Glitter and suede peep-toe ankle boots -that I AM SIMPLY IN LOVE WITH, they are one of my favorite out of the whole collection. What I like about them is the fact that the the sandal form is made out of leather and the ankle boot itself is glittery. I can’t even seem to properly formulate a description for those shoes, all I know is that it was a GENIUS idea -that I thank and praise Miuccia Prada for.

If you’re wondering what you could wear a pair of those with, there’s a simple answer to that question. Due to the each of these high-heels are what I call a key piece/stand out piece, I would wear simple skinny jeans with a white t-shirt and cardigan -for day wear. You want the attention to be brought mainly to the shoes. But for a nigh time look, it’s hard to say… all I can say is that you have to be an excellent stylist to pull it off. Bellow are two quick looks that I put together.

The image of the Miu Miu  A/W 2011 is a selection of looks from the runway show. What I love about this collection is that the simplicity of the clothes make the models appear refined and gracefully elegant. I like the repetitive and yet very simple prints and the wide collars, small hints of fur. The color palette for this collection is very simply: black, white, orange and greyish brown. Therefore we can clearly see the progression of thought through out the collection and until the end; it is a very concise and fluid progression. The glittery shoes that are complex are still the highlights, however they don’t contrast or overtake the effect of each outfit.