Three Words: numéro, tribal, fiesta

Numéro is a french fashion magazine that focuses on more interesting subjects than regular fashion magazines. It is one of my favorite magazines due to its alternative vibe and intellectual -yet witty articles about art neauvou, design and music.

This particular issue (nr.124) has one photo shoot that shook me -to-my-tribal-bones. The messy, tangled hair that is intertwined with various beaded or feathered hair ornaments. The exaggerated smoky cat-eyes and nude lips.

I mean, I have never seen something like this. With the over-accessorized model that is frazzled with ginormous head pieces and jewelry. She wears fish nets or lace… fur and feathers are also somehow harmonized in a big hair mesh for the cover photo.

But what I love most is the overall effect of the black and white on the sentimentality of the image.

Photoshopped-in are some colorful swirls that bring the image to life and make the model seem like an intergalactic tribal fashion alien.  It’s the perfect cocktail of FIESTA!