Faux Fashion… Fuck

You somehow managed to find my site.

What’s this site got to offer? … Whatever I may decide it needs to give.

Clothes, la mode… fashion… whatever you’d like to call it. Is what I love. Although I prefer to use the term ‘Life Style’. As I view the whole more than I do each part separately. An ensemble consists of more than just clothes… it consists also of the accessories… the makeup (or lack there of)… the hair… the attitude.

A  painting isn’t brilliant because its background is magnificent… because if the foreground isn’t, on the whole it’s nothing but a dull painting. A painting is brilliant when everything somehow seems to fit, when its ambiance and subject is in harmony.

So don’t depend on clothes, to make yourself shine. Depend on yourself to make your clothes shine.

Fashion is just a word that has been misused and overused.

So … Fuck it, it’s clearly a faux pas to say that the subject of this site is… fashion.