Now that. is my bitch.

The more I see… more of Kate, the more I understand what everyone else saw in her.

I mean this is an old picture, and yet her youth shines out. Her height never stood in her way, as her shy and yet daring, bad-girl mystery out-spoke the cons.  Young Moss didn’t care if she stood on a table. She didn’t care about the fact that someone was photographing her while she sat in a perverse position, with nothing but an over-sized feather coat. Her messy hair, leisure book and over sized bag were the mis-en-scene of the picture.

I like the young Kate Moss, as she slightly leans her head on the hand holding the cigarette while the other hand is shyly (and yet not awkwardly) placed on her inner thigh.

Even though [in my opinion] she has lost her light through the years. When admiring these “vintage” photographs of her, I get lost in her gaze and aura. She is the perfect example of someone who outshines their clothes.

You can’t look great, if you’re not natural and embrace who you are to the fullest.

Kate Moss wasn’t afraid of how other people perceived her. She was herself. She didn’t give a fuck, and she just let the camera-man ‘capture’ what she couldn’t explain but what clearly she was expressing. That truly is something to admire.

…And embrace .