Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Alexander McQueen Tribute Page

Click here for a direct link to the new Alexander McQueen Tribute page! Advertisements

Oh Mister, do take me to Saks Fifth Avenue … in Mexico City.

Sacks is literally going beyond borders… to Mexico City nonetheless. And their campaign encourages anyone to do so as well!

Givenchy shares tricks with the devil

Trick or Treat ? and it’s not even halloween yet. Riccardo Tisci’s vision yet again amazed me. I mean the whole vision and statement is quite originally expressed in this advertisement.  I look… Continue reading

Skin Sugar.

Creme de Rose With love from Dior : it is the perfect smack-on-the-lips, lip candy. The sweet scent of roses, makes you feel like you’re in Paris au Jardin des Tuileries. ———————————————————————- Sisley Hydrating… Continue reading

Three Words: numéro, tribal, fiesta

Numéro is a french fashion magazine that focuses on more interesting subjects than regular fashion magazines. It is one of my favorite magazines due to its alternative vibe and intellectual -yet witty articles… Continue reading

Helmut Newton Polaroids .

No, flipping, way. For all of you whom don’t know who Helmut Newton is… he was a renowned fashion photographer. Born in Berlin however he later on resided in West Hollywood and Monaco,… Continue reading

Now that. is my bitch.

The more I see… more of Kate, the more I understand what everyone else saw in her. I mean this is an old picture, and yet her youth shines out. Her height never… Continue reading

Faux Fashion… Fuck

You somehow managed to find my site. What’s this site got to offer? … Whatever I may decide it needs to give. Clothes, la mode… fashion… whatever you’d like to call it. Is… Continue reading

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